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Maintenance Services

Global standardization of your IT Infrastructure


Modern enterprise IT equipment is built to last and rarely breaks down. Nevertheless, as your business depends on the performance of your IT infrastructure for its most critical processes, you need the assurance you’re protected in case of failures or security breaches. This concern does not just apply to your key regional datacenters, as even a simple access point malfunctioning in a remote sales office can impact your business.


Your IT infrastructure live 24×7

Many global companies often lose valuable time, money and resources when managing multiple support contracts from different vendors with various SLAs, incident log procedures and expiration dates. Helping you keep your IT infrastructure live 24x7 365 days a year is our mission.


This is how it works:

  • To provide continuity on your global infrastructure, we eliminate the complexity of your multi-vendor support contracts by providing a single point of contact- based solution.
  • We manage your global vendor/OEM support contracts and provide additional local support services for remote areas. We help you select the optimal contract to cover your global IT landscape with your preferred SLA.



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