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Global Professional Services

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The mission of delivering your hardware globally is challenging, getting it up and running can be just as complex. We understand the complexity of managing global rollouts and we are experts at translating them into local implementations.


Professional services at any location

Over the last 10 years, GSS has developed an ecosystem of certified partners to facilitate the execution of an extensive range of professional services at any location around the globe. It covers the complete IT hardware lifecycle from audits on your IT infrastructure, onsite racking, and stacking of new servers, to asset recovery services.  


This is how it works:

We eliminate two types of headaches for our customers:

  • We provide the right set of certified resources with the competencies needed to execute and complete the requested tasks or projects. We believe a successful Go-Live hinges on using certified partners who have a deep understanding of the local culture and customs.
  • We act as the single point of contact for your corporate IT department, the local branches and our pool of certified partners during the project execution.



How can we help?

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